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Howdy! Y’all ready for some more snow? High of 27, low of 19. For those of you who pay rent on the 15th, a reminder to visit the bank today. No, not The Bank, where these noodles came from. How was your Valentine’s Day? Does anybody know what the MTV special was?

Badger Care Basic passes Senate committee. Notice the number: $130/month. How many recent college grads are looking to pay $1500 a year out-of-pocket?

Speaking of health care, just what would Paul Ryan’s magical health care plan do?

Yes, for the love of God, bring Google to Madison. Nobody can vote against the mayor who brings high-speed porn internet to town.

“The campaign statements, filed Feb. 1, are a window into how the candidates are bankrolling their bids for governor – an election that some say could reach a record $50 million in spending by the candidates and outside groups.”

What do you think about virtual schools? I certainly hope this isn’t just a way for Republicans to war with the teacher’s union.

Committee to examine faculty salaries convened.

OH NO THEY DIDN’T: “Johnson has received endorsements from Manning and Progressive Dane –– a liberal grassroots organization.” Can’t wait to see the response in the comments section.

Todd Stevens: Science should be about process, not facts.

SLAC just won’t go away.

Ron Kind is pissed about the bidding process on some stimulus projects. He says it doesn’t favor small Sconnie firms.

“It’s really no secret that advising at UW is a cause of frustration.”

The Density Plan? Should it expire?

Problems with unemployment benefits: “In addition to increasing staff, including bringing employees out of retirement and reassigning others within the agency, the state added phone lines, doubled the number of computer servers and extended call center hours.” Isn’t it ironic that we’re hiring retirees to deal with an unemployment crisis? What about those unemployed people?


3 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. asmwatch Says:

    Well shit. My guess is that the writer is one of many who take liberal as synonymous with progressive. I will correct him.

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