Gotham’s got that New York Attitude


And not in a bad way.

I finally made it up to Gotham Bagels. I went the wrong way once I got to the Capital and I had to basically walk all the way around the square. The strap on my bag broke and it was really cold that day.

In the end though, it was worth it. The air was fresh and what I ordered was satisfying.

When you walk down the street to get to Gotham Bagels, immediately you wonder why the hell it is located in such a shady place. There isn’t much to look at on that street, but this place is worth it. I think Gotham could really benefit from a better location, but if you can forget the surroundings and just walk inside, you’ll be happy you did.

When you walk into Gotham, you are immediately overcome by the delicious scent.

The first thing I noticed was that the clientele seemed to be a little older, probably because most students can’t get past Jamba Juice on any given day. However, I don’t really see this as a bad thing. In just a few short blocks, I felt like I had transported to a more sophisticated place.

I knew that I was going to get a bagel, but it was really tough to decide. They don’t have an asiago or cheese variety, so  I opted for the pumpernickel. This bagel was super dense, but a little dry for me. Perhaps it would have tasted a little fresher earlier in the day. The one thing these bagels definitely have going for them is size. They are big and for $1, you get way more for your money here than other bagel shops.

In the deli case, they had several different kinds of fresh juices. I was immediately drawn to the cranberry lavendar juice because I like lavendar, though I don’t think I have ever eaten it.. until now. The juice was heavenly. If you like cranberry juice, you will like this. The lavendar added just the perfect amount of sweetness to counteract the tartness of the cranberry. The juice was $3 which is sort of expensive, but I would get it again because it is really good.

Gotham Bagels doesn’t just offer juice and bagels though. They also have coffee, deli items and lunch. Their menu was really straight-forward- not too many items to choose from.

Oh yeah, I said that they have attitude. The girl who took my order was sort of aloof and she wasn’t overly friendly at all. It really made me feel like I wasn’t in Wisconsin anymore, which for me, is really refreshing.

I definitely will be going to Gotham again. I’ll probably stick to Einstein’s for my asiago bagel, but during the summer, I will be much more inclined to take the walk.

Gotham Bagels

112 East Mifflin Street
Madison, WI 53703-2825
(608) 467-7642



4 Responses to “Gotham’s got that New York Attitude”

  1. Erich Says:

    While I agree that Gotham is amazing- I hardly consider its location a detriment and most certainly not “shady.” There is Cha Cha, Mercury, the Bartell, the soon to be revived Cafe Montmarte space.

    I suppose if all you notice is the YWCA you might miss that this little area on Mifflin, one block East of capital is a real gem in the city.

  2. Ken Says:

    I first had Asiago bagels at Panera and LOVED them [good cheese flavor in every bite], but the last time I had them [earlier this year] I was REALLY disappointed [no real cheese flavor, except for the bit sprinkled on top ].

    How does Enstein’s compare to Panera, would love to find another place that still makes a good Asiago bagel.

    • Jaimie Chapman Says:

      Ken.. I think the Einstein’s Asiago bagels are more cheesy, due to their more chewy texture. Panera can be really on or really off when it comes to their bagels, but I find that Einstein’s never disappoints.

      Also, Panera’s Asiago bagel doesn’t have a hole in the middle and Einstein’s does. Not that that really matters. Ha.

      • Ken Says:

        Thanks for the info, glad to hear that Panera still can make good bagels, but will have to try Einstein’s sometime when I get to Madison. 🙂

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