No, that’s not what Tommy Thompson said


Terrence Wall’s first TV ad displays the aspiring politician’s willingness to get chin-deep in the mud to beat Russ Feingold. Although Feingold has yet to respond in-kind, his party and his campaign have responded with partisan venom, and in doing so have strayed far from the truth.

For instance, the most recent meme has centered on a comment Tommy Thompson made to reporters about a possible run against Feingold:

“This election…it’s going to be decided on things that aren’t that particular to Wisconsin.”

According to the Democrats, that means Thompson said “the election won’t be about Wisconsin.” The conclusion to that train of logic is that Thompson doesn’t believe Wisconsin issues are important enough to discuss.

This is even more disingenuous than the recent attacks against Terrence Wall for avoiding state income taxes in 12 of the last 15 years. At least the latter case is based on a fact. The Thompson quote is a cynical misrepresentation of what the former governor (notice the Democrats refer to him as “former Bush administration official,” and not “former governor”) said.

It’s unfortunate that a campaign waged on behalf of a candidate known for his honesty and integrity is so dishonest and lacking in intellectual integrity.

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One Response to “No, that’s not what Tommy Thompson said”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    oh come on. strayed far from the truth? it’s an interpretation of tommy’s remarks, typed big in the headline. willfully inaccurate, yes, but I wouldn’t quite call it venomous. It’s classic spin for those who can’t interpret. A bit cynical, yeah, if only that the it plays to selfish instincts in the electorate. makes a good post! but tommy has to be more of a threat than wall, no? his actual comment (the clip in the link) was pretty measured, and democratic. gasp. i think i’ll send some money to feingold. 🙂 keep the smart.

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