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You can endure the cold for one more day before the weekend. I for one, am excited because I am finally going to meet another member of the Madison cyber neighborhood, Jesse Russell, from Dane101. High of 27, low of 3. Want a heart attack? Try the brat reuben from Alt’n Bach’s Town Tavern.

Tommy is dangling the pundits by a thread.

Poll shows Barrett and Walker in a virtual tie. This doesn’t sound right…where did all this name recognition come from?

You’ve got to be kidding me: “Scott Walker said Thursday the state should pass up the federal government’s offer of $823 million for a high-speed rail line linking Milwaukee to Madison and Chicago – unless millions more for operating the line come with the deal.”

I remember this dude. I talked to him the first day we moved into the dorms and I don’t think we ever interacted again.

Surprise, surprise. Court deadlocks on whether to bar Gableman from hearing criminal cases. What a joke that it’s gotten to this point.

I wonder who the perennial Herald commenter is who always takes discussion of anti-Semitism as an opportunity to warn of the “liberals and Muslims.”

Cardinal: MIU meetings should be open to public.

Also, the Cardinal re-designs its Opinion Page again!

As we noted before, Sheridan showed terrible judgement in dating a lobbyist…he should have nothing to do with these bills.

Sam Clegg is not a sophomore and he’s not majoring in history. But he is right about professor salaries. Frankly, I’m surprised by the numbers he cites though. I thought $100 k was on the high end for UW profs.

State to consult with Innocence Project. Good idea.

Wisconsin education is pretty good. Except in Milwaukee.

Secret pay hikes for members of Congress?


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  1. Jim Says:

    I understand the argument for higher professorial salaries, but I don’t buy it. Professors at state schools are government employees, and nobody works for the government to get rich. Government employees are generally paid a comfortable wage, but a private sector job (above maintenance type jobs, which the government probably does pay more) will always compensate better. People work for the government out of a sense of duty to perform public service. $100k+ is PLENTY to live on, and these fine public servants can take pride in knowing their work allows young people to get a high quality education at a relatively (though less and less as tuition rises) affordable price.

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