Eicher picks up another endorsement


Friend of The Sconz, Paul Axel, gets another inside scoop on the District 5 race.

The Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce has endorsed Analiese Eicher for County Board Supervisor, District 5.

He gives us two reasons for the GMCC’s endorsement of Eicher.

1. They have a better sense of how her campaign is being run

2. She seems more friendly to business.

Beyond picking up endorsements, what exactly has Eicher’s campaign done? Still no website, and very few public statements or actions. I’m sticking with the obvious. The Chamber of Commerce is interested in business, and Eicher appears to be more of a moderate.


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13 Responses to “Eicher picks up another endorsement”

  1. Eric Schmidt Says:

    If I weren’t leaving soon for one of the two coasts, I’d be mounting a serious write-in campaign right now. And I think it could gain traction.

    Well, not really.

    • Duh Says:

      Go for it.

      • ...I'd Rather Not Says:

        Is it too soon to voice my disappointment in both candidates? I’m going to throw it out there, but Manning was more active at this point last year. Neither candidate has a website (should have been done in December). Their facebook pages haven’t changed. Soft on policy? What policy? There has been no distinguishing position between the two candidates. Both picked up a political endorsement but the papers/everyone who doesn’t follow the Sconz missed that Eagon and Judge both endorsed her. If her campaign inform the Cardinal or Herald… or that the Dems supported her – this should be a critical sign to anyone who cares about this race.

        Shooting from the hip, I thought the Dems would rap this up. Have signs, hitting doors, a website, and maybe one policy stance. Now I’m reevaluating Johnson – who at the very least has SOME community experience. He has a past there worries me but he does know the community and not preoccupied with national politics.

        How about this – I live on Lake Street. My apartment building has 30+ units. First one who knocks on my door gets my endorsement. Otherwise, I’ll vote for Eric.

  2. Steve Horn Says:

    Yeah, agreed with Alec’s post and Eric’s concern. She’s a pretty bland, establishment, moderate Democrat–look where that’s gotten our country in the year Obama’s been in charge and look at our Congressional majority, rife with Moderate Democrats. As a progressive, I am pretty disgusted with this candidate and I see nothing she’s done, other than being super active with College Dems, that would make her a better candidate for who really matters on-campus: students. She’s just an upcoming reflection with everything that’s bad in the halls of power in Washington.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I wish I was a smug lefty. It must be nice being morally perfect and never actually achieving anything.

    • Duh Says:

      What the heck is this? That’s the same crappy argument used against Bryon Eagon and he turned out fine.

      How about a more Madison-centric point? Look where these far-left candidates have gotten us? Like Brian Benford and Wyndham Manning. They quit or abandoned students in their position.

      Your comment has less to do about being a progressive and more about being a campaign hack. And for the “record”, I don’t like either candidate. Eicher is soft on policy. Johnson is surprisingly soft on policy too, not to mention a non-student and that is important no matter what you say.

  3. Steve Horn Says:


  4. lukas Says:

    The Chamber of Commerce is interested in business, and Eicher appears to be more of a moderate.

    That’s a very friendly assessment. The Dane County Board Chair Scott McDonell (and a Democratic leader) is not so friendly about the Chamber’s involvement.

    “”There’s no logic to their choices, other than trying to overturn the County Board, which is Democratic,” says McDonell. (The board is officially nonpartisan, but individual supervisors may affiliate with political parties.)”


    And there’s this too: http://slysoffice.blogspot.com/2010/02/scott-mcdonell.html

    • Duh Says:

      You’re being a total partisan. Why does this matter? More important to students are endorsements from people like Bryon Eagon and Eli Judge. You wouldn’t call them bad student leaders.

      • lukas Says:

        I’m not being partisan. I’m merely passing along what the Dane County Board chair said. He apparently thinks it matters. I’m mainly disputing the characterization of the chamber as a “moderate” organization.

        I mean, I obviously don’t think that Eicher is some sort of Republican infiltrator (that would be absurd).

        And I understand she wants to win, but I don’t think it’s productive to be working with the chamber.

  5. Jackie Says:

    Site no website from Analise. When’s the Johnson post going up?

  6. Jason Smathers Says:

    I just thought that something Eicher said in our meeting with her yesterday should be made clear. We asked her about her website and why its not up (something that I forgot to ask Johnson…I’ll let you know what he says) and her response was….hilarious.

    Apparently the website is built and everything in terms of data is there. But according to her, they can’t figure out how to remove that “Coming Soon!” front page and place her actual front page there. If this is true, then she must have the most incompetent webmaster known to man. Hell, give me a day and I could probably get it online.

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