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G’day everyone. Am I the only one concerned by melting icicles? This is only another way Zeus, the God of all things that fall from the sky, can seek brutal vengeance against a heretic. Did the Greeks ever wonder during their travels why Zeus seemed to target certain areas much harder than others? Because he’s sending more snow our way. High of 24, low of 7.

Remember to eat your cream of wheat.

New student adviser on the ALRC.

A Republican legislator in Arizona has proposed raising some taxes to fund a new spring training field for the Cubs.

Dean of Students Laurie Berquam writes in response to some anti-Semitic comment (s) made on a recent article about AEPi. I believe the comment (s) have since been deleted.

Herald urges Legislature to reject legislation which would deny citizens access to audio recordings of 911 calls.

It also has something nice to say about ASM. The legislative affairs committee is campaigning for student loan reforms.

Patrick McEwen argues against utilitarianism in relation to AEPi, but I really wish he’d also offered the utilitarian point that their stupid benefit likely cost more than it brought in for charity.

Assembly Democrats unveil payday lending bill.

Wow, throw some D’s on it: “Democrats doubled the damage of the disclosure by demonstrating deafness to how the speaker’s cozy relationship with a lobbyist ….is perceived outside the halls of the Capitol building.”

Now it’s official: Sheridan attended a conference with the lobbyist; paid for by the company that employs her.

Thuy is in the news! Fines for parents of troublemakers?

What is the relation between number of votes for a mayor and the amount of salt he puts on the streets?

Primate testing has gotten into County Board politics.

Paul Soglin sounds surprisingly open to an airport stop for the high-speed train.

Should AT&T be subject to regulation that wireless companies aren’t?

2 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    One of these days the BH will realize that enabling moronic and offensive comments on their articles is not a vital part of the democratic process.

  2. Paul A. Says:

    I think I might have to make a post addressing Judaism and anti-Semitism on my blog…

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