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Good morning. Snow is a welcome alternative to the cold, dry wind. High of 28, low of 17. Perhaps the most appetizing brunch yet provided by Eating in Madison A to Z, courtesy of Jacobson Brothers. Of course, when I generally start my day out with a bag of Doritos I usually go classic nacho cheese. What flavor is that below?

White House summit comes up with plan to protect Great Lakes. What will the Supreme Court do to stop it?

Say it ain’t so Marlin! Rep. Schneider admits he exaggerated the number of complaints he received over CCAP, the online database that he is trying to restrict.

Cognitive Dissidence thinks the system should be cleaned up, so that it can’t be misinterpreted –– and there will be less than 22 complaints.

According to the State Journal, which is awful mad about Schneider’s fib, CCAP gets between “3 million and 5 million page views per day.” It gets between half and 5/6 the hits as there are people in the state?

Alec writes on District 5 and gives the 101 on the two candidates.  If you’re wondering if the current occupant of the seat, Wyndham Manning, is still alive, he apparently is; he emailed me recently telling me that he would answer my questions soon.

A worthy point-counter-point topic in the Herald: Should UW offer certificates in “written communication,” which would allow you to display your experience in writing-intensive courses? Joey Labuz vs. Jason Smathers.

Student Tenant Resource Center may be zero-funded. Come on guys, get your act together.

It’s not currently illegal to “manufacture and use false academic credentials”?

Guy that left legislature 23 years ago is making another go at it. The Cap Times is pumped. They’re going to trust a former health insurance exec?

Paul Ryan says we’re headed for fiscal crisis.

Press keeps pressuring Sheridan to explain travel expenses. Did they come courtesy of a lobbyist? He’d have to be an idiot…

These are the students who want to be on ALRC. A La Follette applicant, a former Herald writer…it’s a fun read.

And of course, the Edgewater “wins a round’ by getting a zoning change approved which will allow it to be closer to the lake than other buildings.


7 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. Jesse Says:

    If this is true: “According to the State Journal, which is awful mad about Schneider’s fib, CCAP gets between “3 million and 5 million page views per day.” It gets between half and 5/6 the hits as there are people in the state?”

    The state is missing out on a major internet advertising revenue opportunity.

  2. Carl F Says:

    Student Tenant Resource Center was zero-funded last fall. The Daily Cardinal again shows its ineptitude in writing about anything ASM related. What was cut from the budget was $50,000 for “Tenant Services” which members of ASM wanted to have to attempt to contract out to a community organization, or run through one of its own committees.

  3. Jake V. Says:

    That CCAP figure may come from them counting every hit to any of the RSS feeds they provide. Which would be a really dumb way to count.

  4. Erik Paulson Says:

    OK, I can’t take it anymore.

    This is everything I can think of about ASM and Housing

  5. james wigderson Says:

    The CCAP number isn’t that hard to understand when each visit probably takes five or six page views.

    • Jack Says:

      Ah yes, I’m thinking in blog terms too much. Nevertheless –– half a million visits in a state of 6.5 million is a ton.

  6. Patrick Fuchs Says:

    A belated but necessary comment: I think those Doritos are Blazin’ Buffalo & Ranch.

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