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OK, kind of in a hurry today. We’re dropping between 28 and 16 degrees. Brunch…umm…feed yourselves today.

I’ve been waiting on this story for a while. I was restricted from publishing it for fear of outing my source but it looks like the Herald beat me to it. Letter from Overture Center director alleging misconduct by the AEPi fraternity at a social event. The lewd contact is great, but the multiple complaints of “being treated like servants,” and “condescending attitudes” are the most poignant.

A weak payday loan regulation bill surfaces. Assembly speaker under fire for relationship with payday loan lobbyist and unfiled campaign finance reports.

And how often do people get their angry letters to politicians published in the press? Open records is great. Look for Mark Pocan at the bottom of the article. An interesting intra-party clash over payday loans –– surprising to see Pocan go after another Democrat for voicing skepticism Sheridan and his treatment of the issue.

100,000 unemployment benefits are on the line in the coming weeks unless Congress does something for Wisconsin.

Obama cuts 1/3 of the funding for the Great Lakes initiative.

The Cardinal opinion page has a sexy new design.

Editorial: Don’t let your grades get in the way of your education.

Tuition to rise at Eau Claire.

What’s going on this week Kristin?

“And it is the sort of win-at-any-cost politics that Wisconsinites have always rejected,” writes an editorial board that clearly has never heard of a guy named Tailgunner Joe McCarthy.

Medicaid cuts devastating to rural hospitals.


3 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. Kathy D Says:

    Leave our big heads alone:-(

    RE: The Cardinal opinion page has a sexy new design.

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