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Another day above freezing! Some sun, with a high of 36, low of 22. Pug Mahone’s sandwiches. B’s and B+’s from Eating in Madison A to Z. I would like to start including a question of the day, but I’d be awfully hurt if nobody responds. In honor of Rush Limbaugh, who yesterday compared Russ Feingold to Osama Bin Laden, who is your favorite right wing talk radio/cable news personality?

The Herald has the video memorial for Neha Suri’s.

Wisconsin National Guard to help with Haiti relief.

Edgewater to include ice rink in the winter. As long as they don’t need city workers to maintain them. We know how Mayor Dave feels about that.

UW to examine issues of hunger in America.

New public editor at the Herald scolds the staff for putting “Page 8 news on Page 1.”

Wispolitics continues the Wall income tax saga.

“Since December 2007, the state has shed 176,700 jobs or 6.1 percent of its total work force. That’s more jobs lost than were created during the entire last decade.”

Spencer Black votes against Kelda Roys bill to restrict public access to online court records. The committee deadlocked on the issue.

The deeply indebted Overture Center has apparently been an economic boon for the city.

Humanities! Don’t take them for granted.

If this is a groundbreaking study, the Cardinal headline surely doesn’t show it: Study: Politics affect views on stem-cell research.

Seeing “double” with stimulus job creation.


7 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. Carol Says:

    An Edgewater ice rink sounds very nice. That is a savvy move.

  2. Emma R. Says:

    I tried to comment on the public editor’s column, but it didn’t work so I’m pasting it below. It won’t make sense unless you’ve read the column.

    The problem with the Feb. 2 story was not that it didn’t explain enough; it was that it should not have been printed that day at all.

    If the news editors researched the story, they would know that Neha’s “critical condition” was not going to improve. Editors should have shown an iota of respect and waited to cover a story at such a sensitive time.

    It’s at times like these that we have to remember we work for STUDENT newspapers, and unlike the State Journal, WKOW, NBC 15 or Channel 3000, we all knew Neha or knew someone who knew her.

    The Herald’s articles are just as impersonal and robotic as the “grown-up” local media, but instead of creating an air of sophistication, it shows a blatant lack of compassion for a fellow student.

    One last note: “Atta girl.” – Pedro, no one should be so self-congratulatory about such a horrific event. As a Cardinal writer I am obviously biased, but I would be just as furious if we printed something so masturbatory and selfish. Please rethink your smug satisfaction with this coverage.

    Emma Roller

  3. Jason Smathers Says:

    Emma, I can understand where you’re coming from, but I think it was necessary to run the story because in the event of a potential health risk to the community, it’s the media’s role to specify whether it is or isn’t a threat. In this case, the initial story was done not only to inform readers of the general situation, but also of the low risk of any threat of infection.

    Furthermore, while Neha was most certainly worse off than what we printed, I stand by printing it because of two reasons: 1) The story alerted fellow students to the seriousness of the situation while noting they were also asking for her prayers at that point. I think establishing some network for support is important in a campus community that often is disconnected. 2) We kept in close contact with Neha’s close friends on Bassett Street (many of whom worked for us at one time or another) to ensure they were comfortable with what we were releasing and what they wanted known. If they wanted us to not print anything, they could have let us know and I would have probably saved it if they felt it would do more harm.

    Emma, I didn’t take the story lightly and it was not my intent to cause any more harm than what was already there. I made sure that we didn’t print what we would probably could have updated because of the fact that doing so would have far more callous than what ended up in the paper. Just understand that while the Cardinal couldn’t print that story (for completely understandable reasons) I can’t make the same justification. I can only minimize the harm.

  4. Emma Roller Says:

    Thanks for the response. I also can somewhat see where you’re coming from, but I also consider people on Bassett Street my friends, and know that some of them were upset at what they saw as a premature article. Some of them work for the Herald, and I think at least one asked for the story not to be run, but I’m not sure. I’m just trying to uphold what I’ve heard from the Bassett family members I know.

    In all, we can agree the coverage is the least important issue here. Support for our friends is worth much more than any words.

  5. Jason Smathers Says:

    I agree. If that actually was the case, I wish someone would have told me. I feel bad if that was their ultimate wish, but I can only hope this situation serves as a lesson. Oh, and I’ll let Pedro know to drop the buddy buddy speak.

  6. asmwatch Says:

    On a lighter note: To answer Jack’s question, I’d have to say Glenn Beck. If you compare his Headline News years to his Fox tenure, he’s just this fascinating man that I’d like to split open and examine. He should be donated to science.

  7. Slane Says:

    I agree with Smathers, Beck is nothing short of amazing. There’ll be documentaries on him someday.

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