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I am very sorry for the loss of Neha Suri yesterday. I did not know Neha personally, but I know many people to whom she was a very dear friend. She will clearly be deeply missed.

High of 25, low of 18 today. Brunch is provided courtesy of the Kennedy Manor Dining Room, where I can only hope to eat bread and butter one day.

Hirsi Ali stirs up the pot.

A new ASM blog in town. It might be by a guy named James and it might be by a history major.

If you missed my post yesterday, UW is now saying they will make MIU meetings public, after kicking out a Herald reporter a few days ago.

If Dave Obey loses, there will be no such thing as a “Democratic minority.” BTW, look how much money he’s raised compared to other WI congressmen.

Bizarre. The Supreme Court says preliminary breathalyzer tests are inadmissible as evidence. So the cop’s own judgement of your inebriation is the only relevant evidence?

Steve Elbow explains why breathalyzers can be inaccurate.

“Advert?” I bet nobody in the Herald office besides Hannah Shtein knew what that meant. But funny article – I just want to say that I hated Tim Tebow long before the anti-abortion ad. It was the circumcisions that did it.

Seriously, are we ever going to get closure on why Lawton withdrew from the race?

Cap Times worries about factory farms.

Sen. Glenn Grothman always delivers early in the morning.

Any naturalists among you? Visit Unseen Madison to appreciate the nature you pass everyday.

Milwaukee County is making similar cuts to sheriffs, just like Dane.

This sums up the day’s news: “Like Favre, Thompson ponders a comeback.”


3 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. The connection has timed out Says:

    Oh wait, this isn’t the Badger Herald.

    • Slane Says:

      I had the same thing happen to me several times over the past couple of weeks. Perhaps it has something to do with getting a new website up and running?

  2. Kenneth Burns Says:

    The other day I found myself opposite Barbara Lawton in a revolving door at the state Capitol. We exchanged smiles of greeting, but she was gone before I could, you know, ask her.

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