Brunch Links


Even if it’s snowing and even in one of your professors has only come to one out of six lectures, your tuition is still due today. That looks like ham & cheese from La Baguette.

Big speaker tonight at 7. A hater or a liberator?

Walker has the most money but Barrett is surprisingly close in the governor’s race.

Retiring Senator Judy Robson considering bid for lieutenant governor.

Faculty Senate approves SMART furloughs. Guess they don’t like vacay. By the way, my history professor has now come to one out of our six scheduled lectures this semester. And yes, my tuition is still due today.

Why is the MIU oversight committee having closed meetings? Herald editorializes.

Jesus H. Christ. How can somebody make so much money (a solid middle-class wage) working for ASM? Seriously, where are the applications?

Looks like Wisconsin will finally update its financial threshold for public defenders.

Why the high speed train shouldn’t stop at the airport.

Journal-Sentinel doesn’t care. It just wants some goddamn trains.

Robbie Webber lauds “Soup Kitchen Lunch deals” at the Union.

Kristin Czubkowski comes out with this week’s meetings, which I should have posted yesterday.

4 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. Erik Paulson Says:

    The Herald got it wrong – the salary for the ASM campus organizer is about $40.5K, with another $16K budgeted for fringe benefits.

  2. Jason Smathers Says:

    Sounds like she conflated the entire budgeted amount with salary. Sorry about that. I’ll change it online to reflect salary and fringe benefits.

  3. im not giving mt name to a machine Says:

    Wrong. Tuition due on the 5th me thoughts. Maybe I’m wrong.

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