Rumors surface that Pitt will be joining Big Ten


This post probably wouldn’t pass the test of journalistic ethics, but the Pitt forums on are rumored to be buzzing with this news. Supposedly, athletes at Pitt were told that on Feb. 4th the school would be joining the Big Ten. Some athletes allegedly tweeted about it following the announcement but were forced to take them down.

Money wise this wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. Adding Pitt wouldn’t get the Big Ten into the East Coast media market anymore than having Penn State already does, and getting into that market seemed to be the main reason for expansion.

Basketball wise, Jaimie Dixon (the coach of a very good Pitt program) in the Big Ten scares me.


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One Response to “Rumors surface that Pitt will be joining Big Ten”

  1. Gerald Cox Says:

    Im holding out for University on Cincinnati but only because I live here. Pitt seems likely. I think Notre Dame needs to realize that winning the Big Ten would get them to better Bowl Games and just join already.

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