Roadhouse not just for Texans


Last weekend, I ventured out to Texas Roadhouse.

In case you aren’t aware, it is located close to the Interstate and East Towne Mall.

I’ve been there before, but it was years ago. This time I was really excited because I was in the mood for some good barbecue. And I received just that.

Texas Roadhouse is a chain restaurant, but they are extremely authentic in that they make a lot of the menu from scratch. This includes the rolls which I think are the best before-meal bread I’ve ever had, the baked beans which taste nothing like Bush’s and of course, the barbecue.

The most fun aspect of Texas Roadhouse is that you can throw peanut shells and basically whatever other trash you want on the floor. It truly makes you feel more comfortable, even if throwing trash on the ground is a little barbaric.

Perhaps my favorite part of this visit (which occurred on a Saturday) was that they had margaritas for $2.75! And they didn’t fill them with a ridiculous amount of ice. And they weren’t too sweet. Let’s just say we had a few.

I’m a fan of the appetizer, so we ordered a bloomin’ onion. It was pretty much the exact same thing as the one you can get at Outback Steakhouse. It was good though, nothing I could complain about at all.

For main courses, we had ribs all around. These ribs are good people. Totally fall-off-the-bone, just as advertised. The top is a little crunchy which I can’t resist and the bottom layers are succulent and soft. The barbecue sauce is plentiful and has a good balance of smoky to sweet.

You have to choose well when picking sides here. While the baked beans are a treasure, the mashed potatoes are just mashed potatoes and the mixed vegetables consists of nothing more than a few pieces of broccoli and some baby carrots steamed and coated in a buttery sauce. However, the sweet potato is divine. You have to order the marshmallow topping, no excuses.

The check for 1 appetizer, 2 adult meals, 1 kid’s meal and 3 margaritas came in at just under $50. Not bad at all.

Edited: I have been informed that the Logan’s opening on W. Johnson St. has no affiliation with Logan’s Roadhouse. Sorry to get your hopes up. I’m sad too.

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