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Notice something fresh and sexy about the site? That’s right, I added two new blogs to the blogroll! It’d been a long time coming. And you might have also noticed the new banner. Courtesy of Jaimie Chapman. Today will be slightly better weather than yesterday – it might get all the way up to 12 and it should not get lower than 3. Seriously folks, it’s time to get some long underwear. Beef hash from Prairie Cafe and Bakery.

Sweet Jesus, there are rumors of a coup within the Assembly Democratic caucus. Sheridan conveniently blames it on payday lobbyists. Plausible?

DEAD. The mayoral takeover of Milwaukee schools is dead.

But if those stories aren’t earth-shattering enough, Dick Wheeler, the editor of the Wheeler Report, emerges from the sea of press releases and news articles and slams a reporter from WKOW-TV. I honestly thought “Dick Wheeler” was the name of the robot that ran the site.

Bob Dunne says he wants to preserve the historic character of the Edgewater. Plus make it a lot cooler!

It looks like the Haiti Day of Action was a success.

Cap Times: Let the battle over the train station begin.

Governors heading to White House to talk Asian Carp.

ALRC meeting on the Alcohol License Density Ordinance highlights much criticism of the law.

Finally, mandatory sex ed bill passes the State Senate on a party-line vote.

Max Manasevit asks why the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies did not support Hirsi Ali’s upcoming event.

Mark Bennett argues that tuition at UW = good deal.

Most importantly, Woman with a “bomb” robs bank in Sun Prairie.


2 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. Jim Says:

    I thought momentarily that Wheeler was referring to this Inside Scoop which I was hoping would lead to a fight to the death for the title of most ancient looking website related to WI politics.

  2. Eric Schmidt Says:

    Again, Jack, thanks for the attention to the Ayaan Hirsi Ali lecture. I would remind your ever-burgeoning number of readers that there are only about 70 tickets left, and to snare them up fast if they want in to the event.

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