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I actually thought the State of the Union was pretty good. I thought Obama got back to where he performs best: the campaign trail. He should have been more specific about health care, and Alito’s head-shake made me want to hear a lot more about campaign finance. But oh well. No brunch today –– I don’t have time to make it [find picture online].

John Nichols not as impressed with Obama’s speech.

That’s what I’m talking about! $810 million for high speed rail!

Incredible. Guess how much the average UW GPA has risen in the last 50 years?

If the feds aren’t coming with health care then it’s up to the Sconnies. Mental health parity and sex ed up for discussion in the Capitol today.

“I believe it’s a solution in search of a problem,” says Mike Verveer about an ordinance to ban bartenders from drinking.

Selling drugs from your food cart is understandable. But vandalism? That doesn’t make sense.

The Republican leader of the Assembly makes the case against climate change legislation.

Controversy gathers around the sale of land for a retirement home.

Milwaukee sheriff drops early release program.

One Response to “Brunch Links”

  1. Jim Says:

    Jack you see this? Herald writer goes after your boy Schneider. I really liked that interview you had with Rep. Schneider so this article pisses me off a little.

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