Keaton Nankivil rides a bike


Very upsetting loss for the badger men’s basketball team tonight on the road at Purdue. A couple of thoughts on a program worth everyone’s attention, sports fan or not.

1. Keaton Nankivil, the lone big man left on the starting rotation, who also happens to be from the Madison area, went off for 25 pts tonight.

An interesting anecdote on Nankivil: this summer I was walking around campus in an attempt to act like I was working, and witnessed the largest combination of man and bicycle I have ever seen. A double take revealed something I thought I would never see, Keaton Nankivil pedaling past me on Dayton St. Thats right, a starting basketball player that rides a bike. On a campus where mopeds are king, you have got to love the humility. Nankivil has been my favorite player since, even if he can’t play with his back to the basket.

2. Purdue seems to be becoming our basketball team’s newest rival. Then again, maybe I just really hate their whiny, uninformed fans. Either way, their coach is the only one in the Big Ten with a winning record against Bo Ryan.

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