Damn that alder busy!


It’s much more convenient to know alders who run leftist bookstores or who’ve become fixtures at Pizza di Roma. They have no choice but to put up with your interrogation.

With alders whose day jobs (or locations) are less visible from the curb, the task can be much tougher. Here is an email I received in response to a request to meet with Ald. Satya Rhodes-Conway:

I don’t hold office hours, but could schedule a time to meet if you like. Right now, I’m booked through the end of February, but could start looking at the week of March 8th.

Wow. She’s messing with the attention span of a 21 year old blogger. As far as I’m concerned, the world could be engulfed by the sun by March 8th.

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3 Responses to “Damn that alder busy!”

  1. Amanda Jones Says:

    Wow, nice to see that she is available. But I would have to say that I am not surprised. Maybe she is swamped trying to kiss the asses of all her “brothers and sisters in labor” after she voted down jobs. Just a thought.

    • Jack Says:

      Voted down jobs? You talking about Edgewater?

    • Anon Says:

      I doubt that they would be her immediate “brothers and sisters in labor”, since they would not agree to use local labor and the council blocked a Project Labor Agreement, which would mandate proper benefits and wages for local labor before the start of the Edgewater. But I would not expect you to KNOW THAT.

      -Someone in a labor union

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