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Raise your hand if you watched the State of the State speech last night.


At first I think this Herald article is going to cover some trend about “drugs and alcohol” in Madison, but it’s really just about two recent drug and booze-fueled crimes.

Some of ASM’s textbook initiatives are “nulled by federal law.” But there’s still the textbook exchange?

Privatization does not always lead to savings, as the Central Library case likely shows.

Joey Labuz: Our judicial system is wack.

Cardinal on race: “As an African-American student on campus, more often than not, you are the only person of color in a class or discussion,” she said. “When an issue like affirmative action or race comes up, it can be very uncomfortable.”

Anthony Cefali discusses –– but does not review –– Madison’s newest “Boutique Bowling” joint.

State Journal chastises Reps. Marlin Schneider (friend of the blog), Kelda Helen-Roys and Fred Kessler for a bill that will restrict public access to court records. Or protect the privacy of the accused, would be the other interpretation.

Wow, I had no idea that you had to be so poor to be allowed to hire a public defender.

Journal Sentinel: “Which is why the state needs to step in to dissolve Milwaukee County government as we know it and find a suitable replacement.”

Jim Rowen: And who has headed this failing government for eight years?

How far from reality is the Wisconsin GOP willing to go, asks Jim Arndt.

John Nichols: “The internet won’t save democracy.” A couple shocking statistics from Baltimore’s newspaper woes as well.


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    Ah, you actually found our blog despite our best attempts to hide it. Curses.

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