Are craft brews endangered in Madison?


Can you think of a mid-sized city less interested in assaulting craft breweries than Madison, Wisconsin? Maybe Portland, Oregon? Nevertheless, that is the suggestion of a recent contributor to the Daily Page forum, who is concerned that an ordinance restricting the sale of beer or malt liquor in four packs or 750 ml bottles will chase craft brews out of Madtown.

The current language of this legislation claims to exempt microbrews, and it is being touted as an attempt to regulate cheap 40s. However, microbreweries are defined as producing less than 150,000 barrels a year. Unfortunately, the following craft beverages will fall under the ban:

22 oz bombers
New Belgium La Folie wood aged.
(Actually any New Belgium brew that comes only in a bomber.)

Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barleywine
Sierra Nevada Chico Estate Wet Hop Harvest Ale
Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere Fresh Hop Harvest Ale

Sam Adams Chocolate Bock
Sam Adams Utopias (not that it would be sold here – but if the ordinance passes, then it certainly wouldn’t)

Sierra Nevada and Sam Adams are not breweries that need protection, but Madison consumers deserve some chocolate bock if their beer-bellies so desire it.


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