Welcome perverts!


These are the terms people put into search engines before clicking on The Sconz today.

Search Views
sexual bending 31
the sconz 8
“sexual bending” 4
what is sexual bending 4
sconz 3
“mark neumann” 3
thesconz 3
ron kind dan kapanke 2
paul soglin 2
wheeler report 2
analiese eicher 2
terrence wall income tax 2
dean strang blog 2
“sexual bending 1
sexual bending dance 1
jonah zinn 1
sexual bending dances 1
“kevin bargnes” 1
alrc madison 1
“jonah zinn” 1
what is sexual bending? 1
uw credit union robbery 1
good face of campus politics 1
the sconz blog 1
bridget maniaci “joe tarr” 1


One Response to “Welcome perverts!”

  1. I'm not giving my name to a machine Says:

    Yeah, what is sexual bending? I think most people reading this want to know.l

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