Plan Committee approves Mendota Ct apartments


The Plan Commission voted 5-2 to send a proposed high-rise apartment complex to the full Council for approval tonight. The only alder on the committee, Lauren Cnare, voted in favor.

The president of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity, which is located on Mendota Ct, came to the hearing to lobby against the eight story apartment building. Gene Devitts, president of the Mansion Hill neighborhood group within Capitol Neighborhoods Inc., had been gathering signatures of opposition in the area during the previous days.

UPDATE: Previously there was some awkward wording that made it look like Scott Resnick, president of State-Langdon Neighborhood Association, was the president of Beta. I apologize.

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4 Responses to “Plan Committee approves Mendota Ct apartments”

  1. Scott Says:

    The crux of the debate was on parking availability on Mendota Court, particularly involving a mutual easement between property owners. Two Beta Theta Pi members spoke about the safety and density of Mendota Court, and at least five members were present. Debate on the issue lasted roughly two hours before it passed the Planning Commission.

  2. Seb Bean Says:

    When did Scott Resnick become the president of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity?

  3. Kelly Bard Says:

    I thought he was the President of ZBT?!?

    • Jack Says:

      Sorry guys, I worded that awkwardly. Scott Resnick is the president of State-Langdon. It was “according to him” that the president of Beta came to the meeting.

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