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Welcome to the final week of January! Do you smell a third retirement? Weather shouldn’t be too terrible today –– we might get some flurries with a high of 35 and a low of 16. Who said you can’t have French Onion Soup at 9 a.m.? C’mon, it’s from L’Etoile.

“Barrett’s website largely lacking.” These must be some pretty good reporters if they were actually able to find Barrett’s website.

To those who say Obama has got nothing through Congress. “Obama’s success rate in his first year has been 96.7 percent.”

The rules were written by the Wisconsin Realtors Association and Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, a business lobbying group that spent millions to elect Justices Annette K. Ziegler and Michael Gableman.

But the School of Journalism has not changed much since 2000, and it’s in need of some serious reform if it’s going to remain among the best.

Cardinal: Graduate school re-structuring may be unnecessary.

About 14,000 Dane County homeowners are missing out on the Lottery Tax Credit. Fill out your application ASAP. There’s an entire bureaucracy that exists to get you that $75 to $100 you deserve.

How did the good people from the Madison Initiative Student Oversight Board spend their weekend?

Coming out with 22 proposals, none of which included subsidizing an existing student political blog.

Oh yes! I’ve been meaning to discuss this: Students rallying to renovate natatorium.

What impact will biomass burning have on traffic at the UW Charter St plant?

Cap Times: Colleges over prisons.

Edgewater update from Kristin Czubkowski.

Finally, somebody says it: Amend the constitution to impose campaign finance restrictions.

What baby is being thrown out with the bath water if we ban texting while driving?

There are a few sports where you wonder why they need to be segregated by sex. The proof that bowling does not need to be came over the weekend in the form of the first female PBA champion.

And apparently testosterone is not the deciding factor in Monster Truck rallies. Madison native Jill Beecher is going to the nationals.

3 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. Jim Says:

    Watching monster trucks during the day is one of the best parts about being underemployed.

  2. JmSR Says:

    “There’s an entire bureaucracy that exists to get you that $75 to $100 you deserve.”

    What do you think paid for that French Onion soup?

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