Bad news from the mayor’s office?


As many of you know, the Edgewater project has prompted alders in support of the plan to propose amendments to existing zoning regulations. I’m not going to go into the details, but the idea is that changes to existing law are necessary for the Edgewater renovation to go forward.

Ald. Satya Rhodes-Conway, who voted to upheld the project’s rejection by the Landmarks Committee, asked that a proposed amendment be referred to the Zoning Board of Appeals. However, the city attorney responded that the Zoning Board of Appeals does not have the authority to advise the Council on proposed changes to the city zoning code because it is a judicial body, not a policy panel.

But this apparently does not make sense to Brenda Konkel, who is suspicious that the city did not release this “bad news” until the end of last week.

Brenda has a much stronger point on the next item in her arsenal of conspiracy theories (I’m just kidding Brenda). The city has determined that Zoning Code Rewrite Advisory Committee does not have the authority to advise on a proposal to rewrite the zoning code…I can’t make this stuff up. The legal justification given in the memo from the city makes sense to many-a-lawyer, I’m sure, but it also displays a nauseatingly cumbersome policy process in City Hall, where much of the important stuff is done on an informal basis.

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