Neighborhood group mounts opposition to Mendota Ct development


Gene Devitts, head of the Mansion Hill district in Capitol Neighborhoods Inc., is circulating a petition to stop the construction of a high rise at Mendota Ct.

According to Scott Resnick, president of the State-Langdon Association (which seceded from CNI last year), Devitts claims to have over 100 signatures. Resnick says both he and Ald. Bryon Eagon, another prominent student leader who lives on Mendota Ct, received visits from Devitts, who is making the case that students in the area are against the development.

The new apartment complex, which would be eight stories and house 28 units, is being constructed by Patrick Properties. CHT Properties, another real estate firm which owns the Roundhouse apartment complex across the street from the proposed development, has also voiced opposition to the project.

The Plan Commission will be meeting Monday, January 25th (today!) at 6:30 to discuss the project. Up until now there has been little public opposition to the plan.

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One Response to “Neighborhood group mounts opposition to Mendota Ct development”

  1. Paul A. Says:

    There’s little need for more high rises in this city, especially since they become so expensive. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find cheap, quality housing in a part of town that does not require owning a car or taking the bus.

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