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Lookin’ good Friday. High of 36 and a low of 28 and partly sunny on the Isthmus. Nevertheless, dress warmly, avoid ice, and for God’s sake, watch out for FAKE CENSUS TAKERS.

Jada’s Soul Food got high marks from Eating in Madison A to Z.  Hope they put some hot sauce on that.

New ASM blog in town. Comes busting in with months of SSFC records for your devouring.

What’d I tell you? Candidates for governor agree on jobs’ importance as campaign issue.

And Tommy Thompson just might be ready to talk about jobs himself, whether against Barrett or Feingold.

Hopefully some reporter would ask him to answer for our tough-on-juvenile-crime laws that turn kids into hardened criminals.

“Presented with a relatively narrow legal issue, the Supreme Court chose to roll back laws that have limited the role of corporate money in federal elections since Teddy Roosevelt was president,” Feingold said in a statement.

Who would have thought that John Nichols and Dave Zweifel would care about corporations running politics?

In other news, Feingold also vowed to vote against the confirmation of Ben Bernanke as Fed Chair.

The conspiracy begins. Medicinal marijuana…now industrial hemp. Sooner or later Wisconsinites may be able to use a drug that is almost half as dangerous as tobacco or alcohol. I tell you, it’s a slippery slope.

“The DNR said every user group supports this tougher OWI legislation, except the Wisconsin Association of Snowmobile Clubs.”

Video of Packers defensive coordinator Dom Capers…sleeping in the booth. What do you think?

The top 10 journalism scandals of the 2000’s. They don’t seem to be ranked correctly, but they’re all interesting.

Dave Blaska is not impressed with Terrence Wall.

3 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. LindaF Says:

    Hey, Jada’s closed a while back…
    A pity…amazing banana pudding.

  2. Slane Says:

    When I scanned this quickly, I thought you were saying the new ASM blog is down.
    You might want to fix that typo.

  3. steve baker Says:

    Hey, give us some healthier fare for brunch.

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