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Good afternoon Sconz nation! Sorry for the drop in content yesterday. I had the privilege of going on Landmine with DJ C+ and his new partner, Greg, and then that privilege was compounded by meeting many distant names at an Isthmus happy hour. I even met the legendary David Blaska! I think he was drinking a soda. We’re skipping brunch today and going straight to brunch dessert from Porta Bella.

Sports ticket prices may increase next fall. And everybody will pay it.

Uh oh, secularism + feminism. It’s coming…to the Union.

$31 million for heating for low-income residents coming from Uncle Sam.

Big media story: New York Times will start charging readers for online content in 2011.

What does Haiti need? Nurses. Lots of nurses.

Doyle unveils BadgerCare Plus Basic. $130 premium a month for the most basic care.

Big surprise: Wisconsin green jobs program will cost more than expected.

Kittridge has a sports article in the Herald: Fear, self-loathing and Vikings fandom.

Is this experiment on animals ethical?


4 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. Emily Says:

    If by “soda” you mean “several glasses of wine,” then yes. Oh that Blaska, he knows how to party!

  2. illusorytenant Says:

    How come Emily gets that cool avatar and we get these goofy cartoon characters.

  3. denisedthornton Says:

    great meeting you last night at the Isthmus do and sharing notes on our peripatetic childhoods.
    I’m glad to have found your blog.
    Check out mine, if you wish. I write about environmental topics using my 44 acres as a spring board.

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