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Remember everybody, tune into 91.7 WSUM today between 4-5 for a discussion of local politics (campus, city, state) with Dave Black, the founder of WSUM, Clifton Earl and me. Or listen online (there are different streaming options). There will probably be others but I don’t know who. Call in and help me out!  Yikes, I got a class to get to! Who’d have ever guessed Nichole would give Hooter’s a D? Who could resist that tartar sauce?

Ha. Wisconsin Dental Association wants more Medicaid dollars. Call Scott Brown.

Doyle really takes trains seriously. Now he wants a regional transit authority connecting Kenosha, Racine and the Brew City.

Dave Zweifel’s worried that not enough Sconnies will be counted for this census.

Sen. Alan Lasee (R), the nostalgic for bipartisanship, called Gov. Tommy Thompson the most effective leader of the state. He called Gov. Scott McCallum “a putz.”

Nothing too exciting at last night’s Council meeting, but check out Brenda’s run-down and search “Thuy.”

Cap Times runs a feature story on immigration and the problems immigrants face around here. I actually just walked by an immigrant rights protest on State St yesterday. Students protesting for in-state tuition.

You’ve been waiting for it…Kevin Barrett letter to the editor.

The Herald says there’s no evidence of Asian Carp in Lake Michigan. What about this?

This is something I’m glad to hear in the debate: The current Edgewater is ugly! That’s reason enough for renovation.

If I posted this already I’ll post it again: Privatization does not equal saved money in Wisconsin.

One thing that was up for discussion before the Council was sidewalks. They’re really bad. Robbie Webber explains.

4 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. the Rising Jurist Says:

    Of course, the point is not whether the Edgewater should be redeveloped; everyone is conceding that. Even the preservationists aren’t arguing that it should be kept as is.

    The problem with this whole debate has been that the issues have been conflated. Supporters of the Hammes proposal say the hotel needs to be developed, the city needs the income, workers need the jobs, etc. But those aren’t the issues the Commission was asked to address. The question is whether the proposal fits the neighborhood. The Commission decided it did not (but also suggested that they would approve a more appropriate proposal).

  2. Steve Horn Says:

    I actually thought that was a very good letter by Barrett. Chomsky would say the same thin, as would Norman Finkelstein, Howard Zinn, and many others.

    If terrorism means that every day, citizens of a country fear for their lives that their houses could be blown up and they could die, or this actually does happen to people on a daily basis, then I believe any country we occupy, bomb, and pillage has citizens who are affected by our terrorism.

    As Barrett says, the number of people that have died as a result of our imperialistic, militaristic foreign policy far outweighs anything that has been done to us.

  3. Nick Bubb Says:

    Interesting bit on the radio – particular the first five minutes.

    Perhaps it was the nature of the show you were on – but – the reason people read your blog v. listen to their radio show is that you’re an excellent source on local information… And they are among a million voices discussing national politics and there are much better discussions than the ones they offer.

    • Jack Says:

      Thanks for the kind words Nick. I think it was just the day…Massachusetts was on people’s minds and the conversation just took off. I think we talked about that the first half hour but it didn’t feel that long at all. Weird how that happened.

      But I do think those guys have a knack for what they do. I know some of the actual opinions posited (including my own) are indistinguishable from ones you see in national media, I was impressed by how articulate both Greg and Clifton were.

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