GOP wins Massachusetts…health care?


The misinformation and paranoia the right has inserted into the health care debate has come to its cynical culmination: the election of Scott Brown to succeed Ted Kennedy as U.S. Senator from Massachusetts. If Brown wishes to stay in the Senate long, he will have to develop a centrist voting record to appeal to liberal Massachusetts voters, however, for now he intends to vote against the health care bill.

The most pathetic part is that Obama’s team has come out and said that it won’t be taking a “hands off” approach to health care anymore. Too little too late. The president should have made his case earlier and more vigorously. How could he allow the Republicans to dominate him on this issue?

Democrats are apparently running away from this issue scared. Why? What else do they want to do? Why are they in office? So they can temporarily manage the economy for a while? They need to come out and make their case to the American people, and make them understand what the health care bill is: an expansion of Medicaid, a ban on insurance that discriminates against customers with pre-existing conditions, and a requirement that those who don’t have health insurance buy it or pay a fine.

Is there a reason the bill is thousands of pages and now two lines? Yes. But those are the important measures that people should know. They should know that this is not a bill that overhauls the U.S. health care system. This is a system designed for the status quo! This is a giveaway to insurance companies!


5 Responses to “GOP wins Massachusetts…health care?”

  1. lukas Says:

    Not a very impressive showing. Brown was a very good candidate and Coakley was a pretty bad candidate. but still. Kind of a painful loss.

    Your last sentence is right on.

  2. Stephen Says:

    It’s about more than healthcare, apparently:

  3. Stephen Says:

    Looks like slim chance of House passing Senate version:

  4. Gerald Cox Says:

    See my facebook status: Coakley didn’t campaign, she played hide and seek with voters, and she lost the televised debate. Voters dont vote for letters next to a name anymore, times are too desperate. Brown worked Hard. He desrved it.

    It’s the economy, stupid. Too bad governments can’t do much about changing the trajectory, and can only bend the curve a bit. Tax cuts are nice for those of us with jobs, but dont help if you don’t have a job. Spenind only helps if it’s on the right things. Health care reform is great, but jobs are better.

    Welcome back to the center right. There are more losses ahead for Dems in 10. Say farewell to health reform, and know that the middle class will soon be an endangered species.

    From the eastern time zone with love.

  5. Jack Says:

    “Welcome back to the center right.”

    I think you mean “welcome back to the far right.”

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