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Today is a very important day in U.S. politics. The special election for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts could have serious ramifications for the health care bill. If the Republican candidate, Scott Brown, wins, he will be bound to his vow to “be the 41st vote” against the bill, and therefore will ensure the GOP enough votes to filibuster. If that happens, the Democrats will either have to immediately pass the Senate bill in the House or they will have to go back to the drawing room and make serious compromises.

But that’s for the Masschusai to deal with. Here in Madison, there’s a high of 29 and a low of 17, maybe some flurries. Eating in Madison A to Z features Poppa Coronafoulos Gyros and Chicago Style Deli.

UW volunteers return safely from Haiti.

Terrence Wall officially declares Senate candidacy.

Forward Our Motto lists a number of pretty incredible flaws in Wall’s most recent speech.

Rebecca Kleefisch doesn’t want to miss out on the fun. She declares for Lt. Governor.

Dane County racial disparities remain some of the worst in the nation.

Who’d have thought this story would ever be anything-but headline: Sigma Chi members cleared of rape accusations by DNA evidence.

U.S. Supreme Court denies Michigan request to seal off Chicago locks to Lake Michigan in an attempt to halt the invasion of Asian Carp.

Here’s some good news: 71% of Americans do not want Sarah Palin to run for president.

Sean Kittridge Herald ed board: Shut up and Plow!

Steve Kagen advocating on behalf of families who have adopted Haitian children.

The city of La Crosse has found a way to duck mental parity health care requirements.

Tell Dane101 what you love about Madison. In March they will have a “Mad Love” tournament.

Here’s an idea for Madison: sell ads on the city website.


5 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. Jim Arndt Says:

    It bothered me that WisPol had the Terrence Wall press release listed along with the news stories. They’ve done that before so I’m not claiming bias or anything, I just don’t want direct-from-the-candidate information in with the news. I don’t mind editorials there, but press releases don’t seem like a good idea.

    • Jack Says:

      Hmm…I don’t think it’s so bad. Often it’s because no other news outlets have come out with a story yet (including Wispolitics) but it’s also a good primary news source. N’am sayin?

      • Jim Arndt Says:

        I N’amean.

        I also don’t like it when press releases come up on Google news searches, but your same idea applies. And I guess we should never turn off critical thinking about ANY source, really.

  2. Jason Smathers Says:

    Ha. Fooled ya. Parts of that editorial are written by Kittridge, but other parts are written by me. Think you can distinguish?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Worth a story?

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