County Democrats endorse Eicher


I should have addressed this yesterday or the day before. The Dane County Democratic Party endorsed Analiese Eicher for supervisor in the 5th district of the Dane County Board. Eicher’s sole competitor, Michael Johnson, also attended the County Democrats’ meeting and asked for their endorsement. However, Johnson also announced that he would accept the endorsement of Progressive Dane, which, according to the Democrats’ rules, would make him ineligible for their endorsement.

Nevertheless, some within the caucus motioned for a rule change to allow an exception for Johnson, which was comfortably (but not overwhelmingly) defeated. Afterwards, a large majority of the relatively small group in attendance (100 people at most) voted to endorse Eicher.

3 Responses to “County Democrats endorse Eicher”

  1. Thomas J. Mertz Says:

    If I am correct the Dem rules are that an candidate who is seeking the endorsement of any other party must secure 2/3 vote of the membership in attendance to be given the Dane Dem nod. In the past, this rule has been applied selectively, with some PD and/or Green candidates being singled out and others never being asked the question.

    PD has no such rule. We endorse the candidates who we think will be best and don’t discriminate.

    It is also worth noting that this rule applies only to parties, not to other ideological or interest groups who are active in elections. Support from the Realtors is A-OK with the Dems.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Probably because most interest groups don’t have a history of actively trying to undermine and co-opt the Dane Dems and the UW College Dems, the way PD does.

  2. Thomas J. Mertz Says:

    I’m not going to take on the PD “actively undermining” thing, but I will say that looking at the agendas and contributions of groups like the GMCC and the Realtors a strong case can be made that they are dedicated to undermining what the Dems purport to stand for.

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