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High of 32 and low of 16 today in Madtown. A nice day for a brisk stroll to Picnic Point. Below is a “slider” and fries, along with a Capital Winter Skal, at Segredo’s, the “Boutique Bowling Lounge” that just replaced Mad Ave.

Check out my sneak peak of Segredo’s at the Daily Page.

So no ban on flavored tobacco.

Who here tries to avoid reading the national news because it’s so depressing? You might just want to stop all together after seeing the most recent poll in the Massachusetts Senate race.

Even this right winger (who once called me an “idiot”) supports allowing felons to vote in Wisconsin.

Now all we can do is pray. Wisconsin applies for $250 million of stimulus funds.

Again, Cap Times ed board decries the “ghost filibuster.” Again, how did they feel about this back when the Dems were in the minority?

Want to talk about jobs Terrence Wall? How about getting out of the suburbs? Or is that the only place to find potential “Senator’s Club” members?

State Senate set to vote on new campaign finance regulations, including the disclosure of the names of donors behind issue advocacy ads.

Mayor Dave: If Madison is boring, it’s just because it’s becoming more like Paris.

Good to see that our parents will not lose their hearing as quickly as our grandparents did. The study that concluded that apparently got a person born in 1902 to participate.

Journal-Sentinel is somewhere between Walker and the Democrats. Privatization and higher taxes may both be good ways to save money, says the ed board.

Paul Soglin: You think Wisconsin is immune to earthquakes? Think again.


5 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. Jim Says:

    No link on flavored tobacco either. Here it is:
    I’ve got say I’m impressed with Widgerson’s reasonable stance on non-incarcerated felon voting rights. I mean, I think everybody should think that way and it’s dumb not to but…

  2. james wigderson Says:

    Well, anyone who agrees with me can’t be a complete idiot.

  3. jaimiec Says:

    Segredo sounds really cool. : ) I need to go. I definitely think a place like this can thrive in Madison as long as they do remain respectable and enforce rules well. I’m psyched to see how this place will do.

  4. Nick Says:

    If you link to your self one more time, you’re going to start a google bomb.

    • Jack Says:

      Haha, where did I link to myself? I will say that naming a blog after a made-up word definitely has its benefits when it comes to search engines. I would definitely recommend it.

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