More crazy taxi drivers


Buses, taxis, and pizza delivery drivers. I’m convinced that triumvirate is the greatest threat to my safety in Madison.

Walking down Bascom yesterday around 2 p.m. I noticed the entire block of Park Street below Bascom blocked off by police squad cars. The only other vehicle left on the street was a parked taxi with a smashed windshield, a few items of clothing lying on the ground next to it. I had very little doubt anyway, but this incident report affirmed by suspicion.

This afternoon, around 12:20 p.m., Madison Police responded to a car versus pedestrian crash on North Park Street. The victim, a 74-year old Madison man, was in a crosswalk, at the base of Bascom Hill, when he was struck by a taxicab.

Last summer a Dominos (maybe Toppers?) driver hit and killed a pedestrian just outside of the Nitty. Last semester, I remember at least one instance of a city bus driver striking a bicyclist. I realize these people are driving more, making the chances of them getting into some sort of accident higher, but seriously, we all know how bus, taxi, and pizza delivery drivers are.

They drive way too fast and in irresponsible ways, especially around pedestrians. I don’t know what happened in this case, but I would be willing to bet a significant sum that a person driving a personal vehicle would not have struck this man.

3 Responses to “More crazy taxi drivers”

  1. Gerald Cox Says:

    I remember watching a Taxicab make a left turn from University onto Frances street and hit the biker in front of me in the bike lane. We had a green light, were going straight, and were all in the bike lane. The cabbie actually came out of his cab YELLING at the guy he hit! I said something to the effect of “Excuse me, SIR, you have NO right to yell at him, as YOU just hit HIM.” The biker was alright. Scary stuff.

    But, as someone who has spent his fair share of time in a car around campus as both a driver and a passenger, student/campus pedestrians and bikers can be reprehensibly irresponisble and put a lot of people in danger. And I’ve been a student/campus pedestrian and biker quite a bit! (

  2. Anonyies Says:

    crosswalker intimidation…also a major problem, Jackals. It’s when you’re walking in the middle of the crosswalk and instead of slowing down, the oncoming driver speeds up and brakes right in front of you I guess to scare you send the message that they’re doing you a favor by letting you pass. I’ve voiced my concern over this with my alder, but he just laughed. 😉

  3. Anonyies Says:

    BTW, I read your column on Segredo. I enjoyed it! What do you think about this business of them charging a cover though?!

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