Kagen challenger calls for “true campaign finance reform”


Roger Roth, one of the seven Republican candidates vying to unseat Rep. Steve Kagen (D-WI) told The Sconz that he supports campaign finance reform, but hinted that current law and proposals for more aggressive restrictions favor incumbents like Kagen. One of Roth’s Republican opponents, Marc Savard, recently pledged not to accept any contributions from Political Action Committees. When I asked Roth if he would do the same, or if he supported campaign finance reform, he responded:

There are things that can be done to level the playing field between incumbents and their challengers. It makes no sense however, to have an incumbent like Steve Kagen who is a self-funded millionaire with the resources of President Obama and the National Democratic Party at his disposal and limit the legal resources available to win the election and implement true reform.

Although I did not ask Roth if he supported public financing of elections, I am going to go out on the limb and predict that the man who believes that “2010 will decide if our nation can be preserved as a beacon of hope to the world or if it will continue on a current path toward socialism,” does not support “welfare for politicians.” John McCain is the only politician who can commit such a contradiction with a straight face.

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