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Not bad…high of 38 and low of 21. Some sun. It’s official: Madison’s first boutique bowling alley is open. I’ll have more on that later. If you didn’t think the people at Eating in Madison A to Z took their mission seriously, the Popeye’s review should change your mind.

One Wisconsin Now does an analysis of Scott Walker’s fiscal management of Milwaukee County. Not exactly an independent source, but at least a very good challenge to the aura of fiscal conservatism that Walker is running on.

What do UW alums do when they meet in our nation’s capital? Meth would be my guess.

Ald. Mark Clear is moving to amend the waterfront restriction that is giving the Edgewater people such a headache.

From UW News: “The Welsh Assembly Government has given the final go-ahead for a controversial cull of badgers in an attempt to combat bovine TB infections.”

Van Hollen supports bill to allow law enforcement and public schools to share more information on safety issues, such as bullying.

What is Ald. Shiva Bidar-Sielaff up to?

C’mon Madisonians, pony up some cash for 4 year old Kindergarten.

Rush Limbaugh uses Haiti to advance racism. Pat Robertson to push Francophobia. Even Ann Althouse, Rush’s biggest shill in the UW faculty, curiously leaves his most recent foray into KKK rhetoric out of her top-notch news analysis.

Spencer Black working on bill to prohibit landlords from collecting rent from deceased tenants.

Stimulus money to be used to persuade communities to ban flavored tobacco products. No, not everybody’s on board.

Rebecca Kleefisch declares for Lieutenant Governor. Palin pals are excited. Here’s some analysis from a liberal.

Showdown over “treatment through prayer” taking form in the legislature.


4 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. Jim Says:

    I seem to remember reading that when the FDA was allowed to regulate tobacco products, part of the agreement was that state/local government couldn’t pass laws more restrictive than the federal ones. The tobacco spokesman seemed to say that at the end of the article as well. Anyway, I’m sick of people spending my money telling me what to do. If I want citrus chew I should be able to have citrus chew. These smokefree WI people are something else…

    • Jack Says:

      OUCH! Didn’t expect that slam coming from you Jim. I think it’s incredible that we’re discussing these kinds of restrictions when we still have miniscule warnings on tobacco products. Go to any other western country and the warnings, the pictures etc. turn away everyone but the suicidal and the French.

      • Jim Says:

        I wouldn’t have a problem with pictures of rotted gumlines and holes in cheeks on each tin of chew, I’m just sick of the government spending money on behavioral programs.

  2. Chris Liebenthal Says:

    Just a heads up, but Little Miss Sunshine is far from liberal.

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