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Props to former Herald writer Gerald Cox – not for his new job in Cincinnati – but for this zinger on his facebook: “McGwire admits to steroid use. In other news, I’m black.” Gerald is black, by the way. He was also a facebook holdout well into his junior year of college. Now look what it’s done to him.

Not the most appetizing display of Pooley’s sports bar, but sometimes the ugliest food is the tastiest.

NYTimes discusses the carefully manipulated media strategy McGwire put in place for the admission.

Packers’ Charles Woodson named NFL defensive player of the year.

Former UW chancellor Robben Fleming dies at age 93.

Are you a Madison business looking for a bike rack in front? Robbie Webber tells how to get one from the city.

I came across an interesting blog authored by a Madison native, Penelope Trunk. Although my stomach generally churns at self-help blogs, some of the tips are interesting. For instance, “How to be likeable in the workplace.”

“Then again, John McCain also was light-skinned and didn’t speak with a Negro dialect, so maybe there’s some X factor Harry Reid is missing.

Mayor Dave names new city IT director.

Do these men have no sense of irony? While Pawlenty and Doyle announce an effort to save Minnesconsin roughly $11 million (hopefully more in the future), they make no mention of Minnesota’s withdrawal from the tax reciprocity deal that will cost 80,000 residents of both states hundreds of dollars.

When are we going to finally get a Downtown Plan in place?

According to the Cap Times ed board, Feingold has been bugging officials in the Bush and Obama administrations about Yemen since the 9/11 attacks.

98 years ago today, the Italian Workmen’s Club of Madison was founded. That brick building on Regent St that seems so out of place is not abandoned –– it is a thriving restaurant and a relic of the old Italian neighborhood of Greenbush.

Hysterical: Bo Ryan comes up with interesting ways to criticize referees without breaking the rules.

My last day in New Jersey sees the legalization of marijuana for those with serious illnesses. Will my presence in Wisconsin guide its officials to put a similar common-sense policy in place?


2 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. Gerald Cox Says:

    Since this seems like a sports post, I should point out you failed to mention the success of the Badger men’s basketball team.

  2. Alec S Says:

    Bo’s sense of humor is exceptional. His press conferences are nothing short of pure entertainment at times.

    Gerald, I thought about including their win over purdue in a post about Leuer’s wrist injury. With him out, who knows how much success there will be in the future though.

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