“Fresh” is fresh.


Today, Fresh Madison Market opened for the first time. I’ve been impatiently awaiting its opening. I’m not sure why really- I guess I just like grocery stores. I was a little nervous that this one was going to go all “Whole Foods” on campus and be super organic and natural and expensive.

To my delight, I have nothing bad to say. Yes, love that. I like being positive, don’t you?

Fresh Madison Market is essentially a grocery store, with the goal of staying closely connected with its customers. The website contains a blog with comments enabled, information on job openings and even some delicious sounding recipes. The store itself was open and inviting. It wasn’t stuffy and the people working there didn’t seem stuffy either. Hopefully a bunch of snotty kids won’t get jobs there and change that dynamic.

Contrary to my expectations, prices were comparable to any other grocery store I’ve shopped, and let me tell you, I am experienced grocery shopper. Some things were priced a little high and some things had really great prices. I especially found the produce to be exceptionally well priced (and abundant too!). The items I found to be a tad expensive were generally convenience items, such as Lean Cuisine or hot dogs. However, even on the first day, some of their prices were outrageously amazing and if I had gone there to grocery shop, these things would have landed in my cart.

Like most grocery stores, you walk right into produce. Unlike most grocery stores, the produce section isn’t cramped and hard to maneuver (ever been to Metcalfe’s?). Not only that, but the produce was all.. get this! Fresh!

They also have organic produce available.

Near the produce is a lovely soup & salad bar, along with a few hot food options. I know I will be grabbing lunch here instead of at a restaurant often this semester.

Nearby is the bakery and deli. I must have been focusing hard on the baked treats because I didn’t photograph the deli and meat counter, including an abundance of red meat and seafood. I did however, capture some delicious cakes.

The store includes items that you might not be able to find elsewhere downtown, such as beautiful steaks and exotic spices. The store isn’t just geared towards college students- it’s geared towards people. We’re all of the Homo sapien variety, so that’s pretty great, right?

It’s green friendly.

Maybe most importantly to the college crowd, they carry medicine, toiletries, beer and Franzia. Actually, they’ve got a pretty large section devoted to beer and wine. They had to.

Perhaps my favorite part about the entire store was that it was open, inviting, neat and orderly. I didn’t feel cramped.  It was cute and modern. Cute? Yeah, cute.

I know that was a lot of pictures of a grocery store, but I really like the place and I would really like it if you checked it out. Go small business, go! They should pay me for this free PR, they really should, but I’ll understand if they don’t. It was voluntary, after all.

To reward you for bearing with me through all these photos, I will give you some real cuteness (it’s a word…) and a tiny glimpse into my world.

I told you it was cute.

Fresh Madison Market

Located on the corner of Lake & University, in the Lucky/USquare Building

20 Responses to ““Fresh” is fresh.”

  1. Todd Says:

    If you “grab lunch there instead of at a restaurant” that means less review opportunities!

    • jaimiec Says:

      Very true, but I’m not richie rich. I even bring my lunch from home most of the time! I can only afford to review so often, but when I do, I usually make it worth it! : )

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  4. Paul A. Says:

    Thank God. A nearby grocery store!

  5. I'm not giving my name to a machine Says:

    So would you say this is better priced than Capitol Center Foods?

  6. Steve Horn Says:

    Gotta say, this place is money. It’s just what this campus needed. Love it.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    How organic is lettuce in huge plastic tubs? Organic that adds to garbage defeats part of the organic purpose

    • jaimiec Says:

      Well, that’s really a value judgment on what organic is. I agree with you, but most grocery stores don’t really care about that too much. If you want real organic food, head to a Farmer’s Market. Just sayin’.

  8. Emily Says:

    Lord I wish this place had existed when I was a student. Better late than never, though!

  9. Gerald Cox Says:

    Stopped by after grabbing my proof of degree for the ol’ soon to be started J-O-B. Definitely concur with Jamie’s assessment. Cute, with nice workers. Sushi was fine for a supermarket, prices for many items were competitive with Woodmans (!!) while others were definitely overpriced (again, concur with jamie’s note that they were mostly convenience items like hot dogs and chips). Didn’t check the beer as I don’t drink. Overall, the best option on campus. I’d even stop by if I were in the area and wanted cheap sushi or had to grab something for home like I did today (sushi and toilet paper). Woodman’s still the best option for serious shoppers with cars (like those of us with families). It will be interested to see what they do with their prices once all the students are back.

    • Jack Says:

      Have you already found a job Gerald? Congratulations! Where?

      • Gerald Cox Says:

        Dude…it’s all over facebook. I’ll be at Procter & Gamble in Cincinatti.

      • Jack Says:

        What? You’re leaving us Gerald? Will the Sconz now be your only contact with the Madison world? Congratulations, although I recommend you learn how to spell the city you’ll be working in before you leave.

    • jaimiec Says:

      Congrats on the job. I live in Middleton, so I definitely shop Woodman’s West always. I seem to always have problems with getting fresh produce there though. Hit or miss. This will be a nice place to stop on the way home.

  10. Gerald Cox Says:

    Yeah the CW on Woodmans’ produce is a fairly apt “dont go there” right? I live by Hilldale so I grab produce from Metcalfes.

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  12. Kiara Blinston Says:

    My spouse and i clearly have to think even more in that direction to see a few things i can do about that.

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