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835. That’s the number of clicks we got yesterday. An all-time record for the Sconz. Let’s keep it coming. The Irish Waters is now closed, but for old times’ sake, have a chicken diablo.

Those of us waiting on visitors from Wisconsin are relieved to see that the snow has stopped and the roads are in good condition. Yesterday many, many flights were cancelled out of Milwaukee.

By the way, what a disgraceful way for Alabama to win the title. I went into the game (in the den of my parents’ house) hoping both teams would somehow lose, but ended up rooting for Texas after they became such pathetic underdogs. And Alabama just barely won. But apparently Biddy Martin doesn’t mind.

Advocates for parks and public transit in Milwaukee are uniting behind a sales tax for both.

77square reviews Michael Cera’s new movie, “Youth in Revolt,” which centers on Cera taking on a French alter-ego who makes things explode. But in the end, it’s just another geek-wants-to-get-laid movies, says Jake Coyle.

I certainly don’t have the energy to read the whole thing, but you should glance at Brenda Konkel’s latest post if you want to know “How the Edgewater’s going to work.”

That’s more important, but her ongoing feud with Ald. Michael Schumacher over his absences is much more amusing.

Concerns that Reps. Kagen and Kind could end up voting against the final version of the health care bill.

Meanwhile, Feingold is happy about certain cost-saving measures in the same legislation.

Minorities in Wisconsin were hit much harder by Swine Flu than whites.

Wisconsin business community is divided over Doyle’s clean energy plan. Doyle is proposing a variety of measures to reduce GHG emissions, including the expansion of nuclear energy.

Tom Barrett is clearly making up for lost time. He’s already raised $750,000. Anybody heard anything about Neumann recently?

Applying for financial aid will be easier in 2010.

Glenn Grothman, explaining the poor road conditions in Madison: “This is what happens when you have a city with politicians whose base is people who walk to their job at the co-op. They become incapable of handling their responsibilities to the state as a whole.”

Oshkosh Northwesterner to Grothman: You’re an embarrassment.

This is even better though. The Republican Party is requesting “detailed information” about “criminals prematurely released” under the new earn “good time” program. The concern in genuine, you can see it in their eyes.

Cap Times is pleasantly surprised by judicial candidate Brian Blanchard, the current Dane County District Attorney.


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