Animal welfare commentors: Congregate here


Jack and I wanted to get a short post up at the top of blog to encourage our animal-welfare minded commentors and visitors who have been commenting on the old “Even citizen reporters lose perspective” Sconz post to do so on this newer and more widely accessible post.

I know most of the discussion has focused on the actual severity of the violation that researchers did not attempt to find less painful alternative experiments, but I think there are a few more questions that are worthy of discussion as well.

For example, what is the deal with the violation about these dogs who sounded like they were having a pretty hard time? Is using expired meds really that important? What does this committee that reviews the “protocols” look like, who is in it?


One Response to “Animal welfare commentors: Congregate here”

  1. Carol Says:

    I have not had the time to delve into the protocols, how individuals seek one procedure less painful than the next.
    I have to wonder why THAT would be the focus? And to explain why I have that response:

    What does it matter what you have on paper if the conditions of the living conditions of the animals are horrific?

    Your focus on the protocols etc … it is inconsequential if the UW is to this lowest LOW. Or put it this way: Would you really believe anything the daycare staff told you if you found your children in their care and standing in their own urine? A protocol is only a thing on paper. And I would not trust the UW to follow any directive they have placed on paper regarding animal practices now that this has come out.

    FYI I am not a PETA member & I have not been one of those agitating for primate rights and similar. But I do feel like humans have a huge responsibility to humanely treat the animals in their care and I am now much more inclined to believe the worst things that animal activists are telling me about the UW and its treatment of animals.

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