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Good morning dear readers. High of 19 and low of 4 today in Madison. I’ve loved some of the debate we’ve had going on some of these posts recently, but before commenting on a post that’s a few days old, I’d appreciate if you’d look to see if there’s a more recent post on the same topic. That being said, have I told you that I love you recently? Lentil soup with a “sturdy tomato base” from Husnu’s. Great place.

First off, the Edgewater is being re-considered tonight by the Council. The Daily Page will be having a live-blogging forum of the meeting – I plan to participate and all of you are welcome. It’s really easy. Just click on the link and it will take you to a chat room type place and you can comment whenever you want. I’ll get the link up later.

WSJ article on the history of the Mansion Hill neighborhood.

Paul Soglin says standards for snow plowing have gone down. I’m guessing Mayor Dave would counter saying the standards for lake maintenance  have gone up. But I don’t know if that’s right.

Soglin says the snow plowing report commissioned by Cieslewicz “has no data.” Take a look for yourselves.

Rep. Glenn Grothmann (R-West Bend) has a better solution: Let the state take over snow plowing for Madison.

Here’s a place cooler than House on the Rock to go to this break: Holy Hill. It’s rare to see this kind of European-style monastery in the U.S., let a lone the Midwest. And it’s got a great story behind it. Murder, paralyzation, redemption.

Interesting article about partisanship in Wisconsin politics. Apparently Robin Vos is not a psycho.

“Tiger, turn to the Christian faith and you can make a total recovery and be a great example to the world.” Those are not the words of Pat Robertson. Those are the words of former Fox News personality Brit Hume (video here).

It’s telling that Ann Althouse, Madison’s famous right wing blogger, could not bring herself to comment besides that it was “a little weird.” Her infamous commenters filled in the blanks with bigotry.

But don’t worry, FNC’s version of the Washington Generals will surely respond with vigor to the right wing bias.

Feingold is worried about Cap and Trade unfairly hurting coal-dependent Wisconsin, while Doyle says it is key to driving the state’s green economy.

Assembly Democratic Leader Mike Sheridan is very concerned that medical marijuana may be a slippery slope towards full pot legalization. Next thing you know we’ll have Democrats worrying about that slippery slope towards a public health care plan…oh.

ACLU opposes mayoral takeover of Milwaukee schools. Interesting because the explanation is more policy-based than rights-based.

Family Farms is the way to go, says Cap Times ed board. Obviously there is more than that but I’m in a rush.


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