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Happy New Decade! And just like that, the days of saying “two thousand…” are over, I believe. Some people might awkwardly say “two thousand ten” but they’ll all eventually realize that “twenty…” is what they’ll be saying the rest of their lives. If you had a rough year or decade, here’s a bloody mary from Casa del Sol to ease the hangover. If, for instance, you believe the last year brought many good things, including an exciting new Madison political blog, here’s a bloody mary to celebrate!

This story is a decade or two too late: high school honor societies don’t mean squat – at least not on the East Coast. Some people have told me differently – one guy even told me that he abstained from drinking for fear of being found out by student honor society officers – any anecdotes?

State Journal sums up 2009 weather in Madison: cold, rainy and snowy.

But it looks forward to 2010 with a series of headlines it would like to see in the coming year. Very artsy.

Here’s another NYTimes for Gerald Cox: Paul Krugman predicts 2010 will be the year of China, and not in a good way.

Well if that’s the case Wisconsin farmers are looking ahead by trying to brand ginseng for Chinese consumers.

Historians often bend the definition of “decade” or “century” to accommodate historical trends. For instance, some say the 20th century began after World War I, and that the 21st century began after the fall of the Soviet Union, or perhaps after the development of the internet. Cap Times wishes the 2000’s had ended with the election of Obama.

The green decade: UW-Fox Valley offers parking privileges to those with fuel-efficient cars. Some claim it favors the wealthy and I agree. Solution: Rather than reward priuses, just punish any gas guzzler over $20,000 and less than five years old. Escalades and hummers should not even be allowed to park.

Students pay attention, as soon-to-be-unemployed or poor workers at the very best, the Urban League may be an association you should keep up with. Dave Zweifel explains.

Badger Bus stop on West Washington, in front of Kelley’s Market, will become permanent unless the City Council decides otherwise next week. Any investigator want to check out connections between Badger Bus and Kelley’s interests?

Gym rats are annoyed by the “New Year’s resolutes” who flood work out centers at the beginning of each new year.

Yes we’re serious, there is apparently significant Republican opposition to Louis Butler’s judicial nomination. Michael Gableman’s influence sadly extends to the nation’s capital.

J.B. Van Hollen will be prosecuting John Rassbach, CEO of an oil firm, for fraud.

New Year’s Resolution of many policy makers in the Badger State: eliminate texting while driving.


One Response to “New Decade links”

  1. Sam Clegg Says:

    Honors societies…where to start. In my rather excessively cutthroat high school, facebook pictures were used to get a bunch of kids kicked out of ours. I don’t know what was more absurd, the use of those pictures to get people kicked out of such a meaningless organization or the counter-threats the victims made to sue the school.

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