WPRI: When nutjobs try to write


Our friends over at the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute (a far right think tank) have quite the theory. Apparently, a conservative “backlash” of epic proportions “is underway” at UW-Fox Valley. That’s right, at UW Fox-Valley the environmental movement is no more. On what grounds, you might ask these purveyors of intellectual nuance, can such a conclusion be drawn?

Well, the school’s Dean proposed  allotting certain desired parking spots for students driving fuel efficient cars (a weak idea at best), and some students spoke out against it (a reasonable thing for anyone to do).

Thats it, thats why there is a “backlash underway.” There isn’t anything else.

But, not only are these reasonable objections being raised by Fox Valley students the embodiment of  the Reagan Revolution part II, they are also clear indicators of the naivete of environmentalism as a whole, a fact now undoubtedly dawning on every student at UW-Fox Valley.

The lesson, as always, is that environmentalism is wonderful when discussed in the abstract.  It’s great for picking up girls in bars.  But it means an entirely different thing when it means having to walk your butt an extra half mile in the freezing Wisconsin cold.

First of all, who picks up girls at bars by talking about environmentalism? If such a person exists, please, teach me! Second, do the people at WPRI actually take themselves seriously?

5 Responses to “WPRI: When nutjobs try to write”

  1. Eric Schmidt Says:

    Come now, Alec. I’ve picked up at least ten women in bars talking about environmentalism.

  2. Jason Smathers Says:

    Now, Eric, don’t lie. You obviously charmed them with your beard.

  3. Chris Liebenthal Says:

    Of course the people at WPRI take themselves seriously. They have to. No else does.

  4. Jason Joyce Says:

    It’s simple logic. If the goopers never meet girls and the goopers never talk about environmentalism, then we can conclude that those who do talk about environmentalism meet girls. And that the goopers are still bitter about it.

  5. Jim Arndt Says:

    I thought about a post on that dumb article but I decided to let my comment stand on its own.

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