Is the football team paying for my tuition?


The UW football team did more than just get a bowl win last night, they got a huge check.  It popped up yesterday (and was included in the Brunch Links) that the UW football team brought in around $17 mil last year for the University, a good portion of which likely came from the payout the team received for their bowl game. The check the team got for last nights bowl was surely bigger than last years.

I often hear the claim that these left over profits  go directly towards funding academics. I guess we will never know exactly how accurate such an idea is. But, as the NYT notes, profits from football programs go towards football scholarships as well as funding nonrevenue sports before they are seen by anyone else.

In all likelihood, that means that no one else actually does see this money. So, we can probably answer the question of whether the football or basketball team pays for an average student’s tuition (assuming they aren’t an athlete) with an emphatic, “no.”


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