SAFEride faces cutbacks


According to the State Journal, starting next semester students are only going to be allowed to get free late-night cab rides through the SAFEride program six times a semester, rather than the previous allotment of 16.

The program, which is funded through student fees, ran over its budget by almost 50 percent last year, said Michael Romenesko, a member of a student-led transportation committee.

He said people are abusing the program, using it as their own personal cab service rather than as a backup in emergency situations, the purpose for which it was designed.

I know that is the only reason I ever used it. It always took an hour or more to actually get picked up by a cab through SAFEride, making it hardly a go-to move for a student in an emergency situation late at night, but certainly a go-to when you have a party to get home from that was a little off campus.


One Response to “SAFEride faces cutbacks”

  1. Jack Says:

    What? I thought we only got 2 safe rides a semester (or a year)! Now that I know that wasn’t the case I guess I’ll be outraged.

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