Brunch Links


I guess this post should be more like “lunch links.” Badger football team plays in the Champs Sports Bowl against ‘da U tonight at 7 on ESPN.

Informative campus rundown by Todd Finkelmeyer over at the Cap Times. Includes an in-depth look at the most important actions taken by the administration and faculty researchers throughout the year.

Interesting juxtaposition of stories. MJS: Anyone can get explosives on a plane. Cap Times: Where are the airport scanners that can see through peoples clothes?

Paul Soglin articulates what every Madisonian is thinking: snow removal policies in Madison blow.

Walt Ferguson argues in the MJS that to address Wisconsin’s failing economy, we need to elect a governor based solely on whether they are intelligent and business-savvy. Sounds great, and also incredibly unrealistic.

Steve Prestegard provides the obvious response to Ferguson’s column.

Bill Leuders at the Daily Page gives Mayor Dave the “Blogger Dude of the Year Award.”

UW football team turned a profit of $17 mil last year, and is worth around $48 mil, according to Forbes.

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