Brunch Links


Christmas tree pickup starts on January 4th. I believe the grading deadline is tomorrow. Pizza Pit is the newest addition of Eating in Madison A to Z’s pizza run.

While the U.S. is widening its war into Yemen, as instability in the area has left the country vulnerable to Al Quaeda, blogger wars is taking over the traditionally pacifistic Madison blogosphere. Mayor Dave disses Isthmus reporters, and Kristin Czubkowski writes about it, and then Brenda Konkel calls Kristin’s article a “puff piece.”

Konkel makes a good point though. Why does Ald. Larry Palm have a private blog?

Jim Doyle says 2009 was his hardest year as governor. Definitely was not my hardest year as a student. May 2010 is when the fun will begin.

Domestic partnerships do not equal marriage. State Journal explains the inequalities of the system that persist.

On health care reform: “If Republicans hate it, there must be something good in it.”

Bill to take DNA of all arrestees gains support within Legislature.

Must judges in Wisconsin are appointed. Most of them are then re-elected with no real competition.

Cap Times asks: Do you think criticism of Mayor Dave over snowplowing and the Edgewater are justified?

Puzzlement over deer populations has continued, and Russ Decker’s calls for mass firings haven’t exactly galvanized hunters in the Democrats’ favor.

Dave Zweifel tells it like it is: The Electoral College must be abolished!

If Roger Roth can ban robo-calls he just might be the guy to beat Steve Kagen.

Feingold is pushing for incentives for hunters to donate their game to food pantries.

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