Wiscmail still sucks


As I’m sure many of you have found out, UW took advantage of the break and implemented a new email system. The old one was bad in every way. It was slow, had very little space and was very difficult to navigate. Anybody who didn’t realize how incredibly backwards it was had not tried gmail.

The new version is possibly just as bad. It doesn’t load any faster and it seems to take up a lot of energy when it is loading. My computer has frozen twice already while it’s been loading.

Any thoughts? I don’t expect too many responses –– the numbers have indicated that many of you take Boxing Day way too seriously to spend time checking blogs. But if you are one of those people not celebrating the traditional holiday of the servants by eating cold cuts (wikipedia link above), please comment!


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5 Responses to “Wiscmail still sucks”

  1. jaimiec Says:

    I like the old Wiscmail. The new one is awful. Gmail is of course, the best because of the way it organizes conversations (Plus Google rules all). P.S. Will respond to e-mail later, off to another holiday celebration..

  2. Stephen Says:

    gmail is the best, for sure. i highly recommend forwarding your wisc email to your gmail account.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    is there some reason the school can’t just switch over to gmail for email/calendar/apps?

    • Irish Frog Says:

      Yes, because of google’s licensing, they own any information contained in your emails. This becomes a problem when two professors (or grad students, or whatever) are talking about a potential product, or even discussing data or a significant finding they are having trouble analyzing. It makes patents a nightmare, publishing a nightmare, and opens up the University to all sorts of legal trouble.

  4. Gerald Cox Says:

    What’s changed? Or do I not get updates now that I’ve graduated?

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