Grade mania


I have friends whose exams are graded within a day. I’m not even talking about multiple choice. There are some professors (I only know of science profs) who insist that the TAs grade the exams immediately. Term papers are another affair altogether. You don’t want some sleep-deprived, delirious history student to feel rushed to get through 80 essays on the Russian Revolution unless you think grading should be as arbitrary as the order in which he reads them.

Because students know this, however, it seems that liberal arts courses often abuse the flexibility. There are many courses in which students have no idea of their standing until some time before finals.

I’ve never cared a lot for grades, although like many college seniors, I look back with a tinge of self-disgust at some of the easy-A’s I threw away freshman and sophomore year out of laziness or carelessness. But every year in the first few days of winter break I can’t stop checking for my grades at MyUW. And every year it drives me crazy how long it takes for them to come up.


6 Responses to “Grade mania”

  1. jaimiec Says:

    I definitely don’t have grades yet and it’s killing me.

  2. Gerald Cox Says:

    Ditto. Its all I think about. Math grades are up in hours. In econ its been 12 days.

  3. I'm not giving my name to a machine Says:

    Anyone know what the “deadline” is?

  4. Erik Paulson Says:

    December 29th

    With the caveat that every course, department, and faculty member is different, don’t forget the TAs have their own finals and their own papers to write, or some faculty insist on grading final exams themselves. Add to that Christmas, and I don’t think that’s too long a wait.

  5. Gerald Cox Says:

    Niiiice. So does that mean the last day for professors to submit grades to the registrar? Meaning those of us with particularly tardy professors won’t be seeing whether or not we passed Game Theory until the 30th?

  6. Gerald Cox Says:

    In addition, Jack, if they aren’t up at about 12:30 amish, they won’t be up that day. It updates once a day around that time. So you should only be checking once a day, when you first wake up.

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