How about some Xmas greed from Feingold & Kohl?


Ben Nelson and Joe Lieberman. The two most unsavory members of the Senate Democratic caucus were naughty all year but Santa Reid still stuffed their stockings full of goodies. Lieberman may be an Orthodox Jew but he at least understands what the Christmas spirit is about: greed.

Meanwhile, our two Jewish senators seem to have missed that point and they’ll be spending Christmas getting what Jews traditionally get: disapproval from self-righteous gentiles.

Voters across the country are angry over sweet deals in the Senate health bill for a handful of Democrats who once threatened to block the legislation. Some Wisconsin residents are also wondering why their own senators failed to cut similar deals for the Badger State.

Conservatives, meanwhile, are trying to use the outrage over these special provisions – from millions of extra Medicaid dollars for Nebraska to $100 million for a medical center in Connecticut – to stoke opposition to a bill that’s becoming increasingly unpopular with American voters.

In Wisconsin, Walter and Elaine Moede of Sturgeon Bay were so angry about the special deal for Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson that they made public their letter to Sens. Russ Feingold and Herb Kohl demanding the senators fight to secure more Medicaid dollars for Wisconsin.

“Your vote is every bit as crucial as Senator Nelson’s, so there is no reason to expect that you cannot give us as your constituents the same protection as he has obtained for his,” they wrote.

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