How to “deal with” Hip Hop


I actually was fortunate to receive a pre-Christmas present in the form of Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, A History of the Hip-Hop Generation. My main motivation for reading it is to find the source of grinding at high school proms.

But Emily Mills also has some topical discussion on local hip-hop:

The Alcohol License Review Committee last week permitted local hip hop promoter Shah of the Midwest Co-op to present a list of “hip hop best practices” that could be implemented to ease fears around town about having venues host that particular genre of show. The list can be viewed here and was created in partnership with alcohol policy coordinator Katherine Plominski “in response to discussions with Police Chief Noble Wray.”

My advice would be require all performers and attendees to wear coats and ties –– but definitely not bow-ties.

On a similar note, later this week I’d like to put up a picture I took of the bar Monday’s. Is anybody out there (very low traffic today, shopping already?) that’s familiar with Monday’s dress code?


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One Response to “How to “deal with” Hip Hop”

  1. lukas Says:

    Thoughts on recommendation 3?

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