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Looks like the weather is getting back up to freezing for awhile. Please make sure to keep reading The Sconz (I think I’m going to italicize the name from now on) over break. I will be updating and I’ll have a lot of free time to do so.

I might (emphasis on might) even be unveiling a new design on of these days. Any suggestions? I definitely need to keep the cows somewhere, right? Cows make everything better, as this non-cow burger from Nick’s demonstrates.

Spencer Coggs says he is interested in working on behalf of working families. Yet he is also declaring his candidacy for Lieutenant Governor. When will he get the time to tend to his first love?

YES! After taking Geology 106, that’s what I’m talkin about: Turning scrap food into energy. Many European countries turn as much as 80 percent of their waste into energy and we continue to bury the vast majority of ours. Lead the way, Dane County.

In similar news, UW students win prize for invention of a human-powered trash compactor.

Ben Nelson’s vote on health care was bought with abortion restrictions. Not surprising. Not the end of the world either.

How about fair and equal campaigns without robo calls? Sounds like a good deal.

Isthmus has a bunch of discounted tickets to concerts and such. Also, any cheese or beer enthusiasts should consider the Isthmus Cheese & Beer Fest on Jan. 30.

“Wall said the country is faced with problems related to spending, taxes, war, jobs and the economy that weren’t there six years ago.” In 2004…besides the two wars America was involved in and the record deficit the Bush administration was running, Terrence Wall is entirely right! Was he a history major? (H/T to Jim Arndt)

Not a big fan of Media Matters but I am a big fan of compilations of outrageous right wing remarks. Thank you Wisco, you’re the go-to guy for the world of the tea baggers.

Is it just me or have attempts to market and brand Wisconsin culture really taken off in the last few years? The newest: Wismomsin and Dadsconsin T-Shirts.

Fox Valley watch out! Reid Ribble has sold his roofing company to dedicate all his energy to defeating Steve Kagen. “Any hour I was doing campaign work, well that was an hour I wasn’t giving to my roofing company,” Ribble said. I think Kagen’s still competitive until Ribble divorces his wife and disowns his kids. Then he’s really fucked.

The Cap Times timidly suggests the Senate should change its rules without giving any hint as to how. Were Nichols and Zweifel anti-filibuster back when it was the GOP that wanted to shut down Democratic judicial filibusters?

2 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. I'm not giving my name to a machine Says:

    I in fact, did vote to lose the republic.

  2. Ryan Says:

    oops check ur ben nelson link

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